My lightpaintings have been called the first unique art form of the twenty-first century. If you think you are amazed by them in the video, think of how I feel inside them creating one. I still get goose bumps thinking about how lucky I am to be able to work in such an amazing medium. As great as they look on the screen to see one in person kicks it up a notch. We have nothing in our visual memory to prepare ourselves for paintings that are created just with light.

At first glance it seems like I’m just going for beauty and color but if you look at the gray ones, look at the variety, and are willing to spend time with them you realize that I am doing nothing less than challenge our very notions of what a painting is. Is it real? Is it an illusion? Does it matter? Perception and how we look at the world around us is at the heart of my work.

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Installing “Social Commentary”

“Transformation” At Constitution Center

Detail Of “The Definition Of Possible”

“The Definition Of Possible” At Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Social Commentary” At The Boise Art Museum

“Prelude” At The Alexandria Museum Of Art


“Mining The Psyche”

“Knowing When”

“Into The Narrows”

Installing “First Symphony”

“First Symphony” At Ball State University

“False Prophet”

“Done For The Night”

Creating “Corner Connection”

Castled Void And Solstice Next