Yes, we have had a little fun with the life hacks and pro tips concept in the past, chuckling along with glee while people shared their gloriously goofy 'shitty life advice' a few months back. But this time we are serious.

Now we have sourced some genuinely practical hints, tips, and the best advice that really can make your busy life a little easier. Some of them are just good old common sense; other life tips are valuable insider knowledge about things like IT and airlines. A few of them are just so damn staring you in the face, that you take them for granted and forget to take advantage! All of these lifetime hacks, however, are wise, smart and extremely useful.

Scroll down to check out the list compiled by Bored Panda, and let us know in the comments if you found anything that could come in handy for yourself! (Facebook cover image: Björn Láczay)


Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Never give an animal to someone as a gift, especially if they do not ask for one.
Thrusting an animal on someone forces them to take care of another life but not everyone can afford to give it the life it deserves.

Cyanide915 , Petful Report

Daria B 10 months ago

This one should be on top. A very important advice actually. Imagine someone entrusted you with a kid to care for the rest of your life. I mean, it's not same, but it's similar and the point is the same.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you're trying to learn a new language try watching children's shows dubbed in that language. Children's shows tend to go over things like shapes, colors, animals, etc. and can help you learn basic words and sentences.

SonofaTimeLord , Peppa Pig Report

seauf 10 months ago

also, read your favorite book that you know by heart in a different language

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When you sign up for anything online, put the websites name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.

mc1nc4 , Marco Gomes Report

Ninyan 10 months ago

And also to set up a secondary email address to keep the main uncluttered ^-^)

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you have a friend or family member that provides a professional service (legal, medical, accounting, etc), always offer to pay for their service. Don't assume that they will help you for free.

doubleflusher , The Pentecostals of OC Report

Stille20 10 months ago

Perhaps a trade of some sort... read the situation. You might not be able to afford the service they offered or the offer of money could offend them.

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If you know someone who cares about everyone around them a lot, please, ask them if they are okay from time to time.
I have seen, with time, that people that care a lot about other people, it's sometimes because they have trouble taking care of themselves.

ivanol55 Report

Andres Tejeda 10 months ago

This is actually great, since sometimes the most compassionate people are the people in the most pain. They help since they know what others are suffering or can empathize.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips As a manager, give praise in public and give discipline in private.
In an old job in "Corporate America" I had a manager who would always share with employees encouragement and kind words of praise within earshot of other employees, and would offer words of critisicm and suggestions for improvement in private (in his office or a conference room). This set up an environment of positive reinforcement and gave employees respect and honesty they needed to perform at a higher level.

yardsandyards , sugree Report

diane a 10 months ago (edited)

Nothing worse than a manager who bawls you out in front of others, particularly for something that isnt even your fault. I once got the (very loud and public) blame for an important fax which had been undiscovered for several days - half an hour into my first day back from a weeks holiday. Purely because my desk was closest to the fax machine.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When someone says no to a piece of cake, don't try to convince them saying "it's just one piece". It's not just one piece. It's a mentally lost battle that will affect the coming battles, possibly resulting in a lost war against an unhealthy lifestyle for a person actively trying to improve.

nomansskydrive , star5112 Report

Pungent Sauce 10 months ago

No means no.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips After college, once you get the first job, start looking for a better job after a year or two. Don't stay out of loyalty.
Because trust me, no company is loyal to their employees. Be respectful and professional, but loyalty in a company is rarely noticed and appreciated.

As a person who has worked for a same company for 6 years after graduating, i found out i didn't get a single raise within it unless i ask for it every f*cking year, never got much other benefit than initially signed while studying at school.

So i started applying for 5 months and finally got a job, it pays me almost 5 (edit: 4 is more accurate+ benefits such as health care, lunch, gym etc...) times as much as i used to. My friend from same school, with same seniority was getting 4 times my salary for the last 2 years already.

My mistake was thinking that being loyal to this company was gonna in return make the company loyal to me, the company only wants lower costs, loyalty has no place here.

cowardthe6th Report

Marti 10 months ago

So true! I stayed at one job for 4,5 years until my first kid was born. After 2 kids I hoped to get my job back :-D silly me. Now I know better. The company is now known to always prefer graduates before experienced employees because they can pay them less and ask for more hours.... Silly me.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you are buying headphones/speakers, test them with Bohemian Rhapsody. It has the complete set of highs and lows in instruments and vocals.

Willwalt , Freddie Mercury Biography Report

r3dd3v1lL 10 months ago

The source of the audio also matters. Is it a youtube video or an mp3 or a stream with unknown quality? Or is it a lossless rip or even better an analogue source like a vinyl. Speakers and headphones can sound great in the shop when played from a good source and ran through an amp and/ or a dac, but then people take them home to listen to youtube or crappy streams and are immediately disappointed.

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If someone tells you they don't drink alcohol, don't ask them why.
It's probably for a personal reason, and may be because they're an alcoholic. In any case, it isn't any of your business.

tereddits Report

Isabella 10 months ago

The same about asking somebody why they don't have children.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you like one song by an artist, but don't dig the rest of their stuff. Find out who the producer is and see what other work they've done. The producer can play a big role in how the final song turns out.

jade_monkey07 Report

Daria B 10 months ago

Oh! This one is pretty good. I might try it out.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If your fire alarm goes off, call your pets and give them a treat. Eventually they will come when the alarm goes off, saving you from wasting time looking for pets during an evacuation.

Jajaninetynine Report

Id row 10 months ago

As someone who lost their home in a fire and woke up to their house engulfed, you can't have a too sensitive smoke alarm. The one I have now goes off if I'm just making toast. I don't mind at all. The sooner I'm notified if there actually is a fire, the better.

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Whenever you make eye contact with someone randomly, just smile! They'll most likely smile back and that just makes the world a little bit happier.

MikeEagle_ Report

Jace 10 months ago

Part two: If they don’t smile back, don’t become a dick about it. No one owes you a smile.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Always be the person who tells someone they have something in their teeth, shoes untied, fly is down, etc.
I have done this my entire life and people are almost always extremely grateful. It can be a bit awkward but if someone walks into a meeting or starts a conversation with me and I notice something like that, I will immediately interrupt them to let them know.

thehoodthebadtheugly , Travis Grathwell Report

Mark Kelly 10 months ago

But do it subtly.

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Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, compare yourself to where you were 1-2 years ago. Whether it's fitness or finance, use that as motivation for your own goals.

Henniferlopez87 Report

Wil Vanderheijden 10 months ago

Just compare yourself to 1-2 years. You'll win every time.

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If somebody comes to your door selling a home security system and asks if you have one, always say yes.
If they ask which company, tell them it's none of their business.

Many people looking for homes to rob will come to your door asking about security systems. It gives them a chance to case the home and look for weaknesses like if you don't have a dog or if the house is homed by women or the elderly.

CleanFlow Report

Paul K. Johnson 10 months ago

Any time someone comes to my door trying to sell me anything I just start out by saying, "I'm not interested" until they go away. Because I'm not interested. Nobody comes to my door trying to sell me something that I'm not already aware exists so if I want it I'll get it on my own. I don't care if it's home security, vacuums, religion or encyclopedias. Go away.

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Always say goodnight to your SO, even if you're upset with them.
Taught to me by my parents, I do this in my relationship. Telling your SO goodnight especially after a fight tells them that you value your relationship more than you are upset about whatever thing is making you upset.

iambookfort Report

SunflowersAreGold 10 months ago

A key to a wonderful relationship. 💕

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Dont worry about something embarresing you said or did in the past. Nobody thinks about it as much as you do until you mention it.

neutrns13 Report

Night Owl 10 months ago

Yea, well my brain is a bastard and keeps reminding me sometimes suddenly, out of nowhere.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips If you accidentally press the spacebar and scroll down the page, you can press Shift+Space and go back to where you were.

Prodigy510 , Maik Meid Report

troufaki13 10 months ago

I just tried it and it works!! ^-^

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Pay Attention to the smell of your home when you come back from a trip - that's what it smells like to guests all the time, you just get used to it.

ProfessorLiftoff , Corey Balazowich Report

diane a 10 months ago

Thats not really accurate. Guests will smell the last meal you cooked.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Follow the 2-minute rule. If it only takes 2 minutes to do, just do it.
If you're a big procrastinator, this is a great and easy way to start fixing that problem. If it's something like taking out the trash, folding some clothes, or putting the dishes away, do them right there and then and don't put it off. If it only takes 2 minutes, get it out of the way!

pertater0 Report

Wil Vanderheijden 10 months ago

As a professional procrastinator I follow the 2-minute rule meticulously. If tasks only take 2 minutes to complete than it doesn't matter if I postpone them for 2 minutes.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Want a good dog? Take them with you everywhere you go. There is a reason that dogs of street people are amazing, and cooped-up condo dogs are hyperactive spaz dogs.
Ever notice how homeless people who have dogs - their dogs are amazingly calm, follow their owners everywhere? They have life experience. They've been out, seen the world a lot, socialized a lot, and just want to follow and hang out with their owners.
If you were kept in a room your whole life, you'd freak and spaz and mis-behave the couple of times a day you were let out too.

stinkerb Report

Loveyiii 10 months ago

Taking your dog everywhere can create a dog with separation anxiety. When the time comes that they must be left at home alone they can become distressed and cause damage. There must be balance.

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Did you buy a 6-pack of cans with the plastic tie holding them together? Do a bird, turtle, or fish a favor and snip the circular loops before throwing it out so they don’t get caught up in it.

napkin-grabber Report

Carol Emory 10 months ago

Every time. And there is now a brewing company in Florida whose rings for their beer cans are made out of the barley/wheat waste from the brewing process..making them not only biodegradable, but also completely edible by sea life and people.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When someone compliments you, it's okay to just say "thank you." You don't have to give them the same compliment right back.

LordFarquaad44 , the Italian voice Report

Craig Silberman 10 months ago

always say "thank you," and never try to deflect it unless you've got a really funny story

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Before checking in at the airport. take a photograph of your luggage. A picture is worth a thousand words if your bag gets lost!

FrenchJello Report

Jaguarundi 10 months ago

Excellent advice in a world of limitless, identical, black wheelie bags.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When buying a blanket, always buy at least one size larger than your bed. It’s at least a hundred times more comfy.

malcolmcc , MissMessie Report

OOF 10 months ago

I do this cause I can wrap myself in a cocoon..... don't ask why...

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Complete a simple task like making up your bed or preparing an actual breakfast when you wake up in the morning. The feeling of even the smallest accomplishment has been proven to make you more productive during the day.

ScubaStomp , srgpicker Report

Pungent Sauce 10 months ago

What if waking up and actually getting out of bed IS the accomplishment?

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When somebody is going through a hard time, it's better to ask questions than to give advice. If you ask questions, you will help him/her talk through the problem. If you give advice, s/he will politely nod along, but s/he will feel kind of empty inside bc what s/he really needs is to talk.

TheJuggernautReturns Report

Paul K. Johnson 10 months ago

The problem with giving advice is that if it's bad advice the person who gifted you with the advice walks away without consequence and you get to deal with it. When people offer me advice I don't want or appreciate I reply with something to the effect of, "When you're running your own company let me know how that works out for you."

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If ever you need a program you want for free (for example a video/photo editor) don't search for "free", search for "open source" to avoid limited trial versions, adverts and malware.

TheGentGaming Report

Maualo Velflo 10 months ago

SOURCEFORGE is a great repository of countless open source projects like GIMP.

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If you want to divide something among two people (usually kids), you get one person to divide, and the other person gets first pick on which piece they want. Everyone wins and it ensures the person who divides is fair.

Nazzapple201 Report

Night Owl 10 months ago (edited)

If they listen to you and don't tear the thing apart among themselves first.

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When walking your dogs, make them sit and wait before crossing streets. This will make them hesitate about running into roads if they ever get loose.

MaxwellVador Report

Hey guys 10 months ago

It also teaches them to always pay attention to you when you’re about to cross.

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Bring a healthy snack to work. If you're looking for a snack but don't feel like eating the one you brought, you're not hungry you're bored.

jumamillion Report

UniversalMel 10 months ago

Bored eaters everywhere thank you

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Think of money in terms of hours. You make $10/hour and wanna buy that $150 coat? Is that coat really worth 15 hours of work?

ThanksIObama Report

r3dd3v1lL 10 months ago

If it is well made- yes. If it was made from cheap materials or faux leather and then slapped on with a brand name/ logo- then no.

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Don't recommend a friend for a job unless you've seen them work or you are willing to risk both relationships. A good friend isn't always a good worker.
Recommending them only for them to mess up reflects badly on you and could ruin the friendship and your relationship with the employer.

cool_wifey Report

Tarmin Slingerfinger 10 months ago

On the other side, there are friends I have who I really respect because I know their work ethics and persistance, and I would never be afraid to recommend them.

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When petting a dog that is overly submissive, pet/rub their chests not their heads. This will boost their confidence.

schacmatt Report

PyroarRanger 10 months ago

I will try this with my dog

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Find 3 hobbies, 1 to make you money, 1 to keep you in shape, and 1 that let you be creative.

YellowMehMeh Report

Stille20 10 months ago

Trying to make your hobby lucrative is a mistake. Now instead of using your leisure time to recharge and give yourself the space to be creative or free, you are monetizing it and making it more work.

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If you get a kitten, DO use your hands for play so you can teach restraint when they are too rough. Restraint is naturally learned in play with hands and littermates because the fun stops when a bite or scratch is too much. Adult cats who didn't play this way are more likely to scratch or bite.
Obviously this only works if you shout loudly ("OWW!") and stop playing if a bite or scratch is too hard.

brentonstrine Report

Valerie Lessard 10 months ago

I had a cat who enjoyed hurting people, the cries of pain just inspired him more. Got into fights with bigger cats and dogs, and won. some cats are just adorable bastards.

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Next time you have an easily googleable question about food, clothes, or general life stuff, text your Mom and ask her instead. She probably loves seeing that you still want her advice.

Albert_Caboose Report

Pigeon named Beans 10 months ago

Don't exclude Dads! Both parents have experience and one could be more knowledgeable about something than the other. :)

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If you accidentally type something in all caps, highlight it and hit Shift+F3.
The same also works if you need to change lowercase to caps.

Lady_Tech_Support Report

Kryogen 10 months ago

mmmmh nice tip ! I'll keep it in mind !

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Before buying a house check it out on a very rainy day to see how effectively water drains.
You might discover some issues with drainage especially in the yard.

Chinpokomonnnn Report

diane a 10 months ago

Walk past it a number of times - not just on the arranged viewing. One house I almost rented had next door neighbours with 4 constantly barking dogs. The neighbour had agreed to take them out whenever a viewing was scheduled

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If you go clubbing or to concerts a lot buy yourself acoustic earplugs. They don’t muffle the sound, just get rid of the harmful frequencies. Tinnitus is something very easy to get and very hard/impossible to get rid of.

ding3 Report

Katherine Boag 10 months ago

All frequencies are harmful if they are loud enough.

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When you have an item you changed your mind on at the grocery store (especially perishables) just give it to the cashier. We really don't mind and you don't have to be sorry about it. It makes everyone's lives easier and we won't have to go through the store looking for misplaced items.

Unknown Report

Vlad Horobet 10 months ago

There's a special place in hell for people who leave items scattered on different shelves when they reconsider buying them through the store.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When you have a goal, don't tell people about it.
When you tell people about it, especially in detail, you get a sense of accomplishment that should only be yours when you've completed the task.

So keep it under wraps and tell people when it's done so you can enjoy actually having achieved something and not just the sense of being so noble/motivated for having goals.

frustratedfem Report

Wil Vanderheijden 10 months ago

For some people it doesn't work that way. A friend of me told a lot of people that he was going to quit smoking. I asked why he did that. He said that in that way he had to stop or else he would embarras himself to all these people.

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If you realize your fridge is getting empty, take 30 minutes to clean the inside before you go grocery shopping again.

Wthermans Report

Pretty Pangolin 10 months ago

I do this with my microwave…any time I cook something that steams up the interior, I take a minute to swipe it with a cloth. Then it's always clean and it never becomes a project.

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If you are given a prepaid debit card as a gift, save it after you spend the money. You can use it to sign up for free trials online without worry of being scammed.

41sa Report

SunflowersAreGold 10 months ago

How does this work?

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When putting in time for vacation, always take the day after you get back off. This will give you a safety net in case your flight is cancelled. Otherwise you get a day to unpack and relax.

NoMoreSyntaxErrors Report

Paul K. Johnson 10 months ago

A day? I always take a week. But I'm a hermit and feel best at home so anytime I travel I want some home time before I go back to work. Definitely more than a day.

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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips When lending a pen or marker hand it over without the cap, you are much more likely to get it back.

I_Am_RunninGunnin Report

Nitro 10 months ago


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Life-Hacks-Pro-Tips Saying cheese in a photo makes people have lame smiles, words that end in "a" works way better, and give natural smiles.
A trick I use for group photos is to loudly announce this before taking a photo and then use the example word "vagina" everyone laughs. click.

sub-hunter , David Mello Report

Harrison Rose 10 months ago

"Everyone say 'Bologna!' Oh, wait!"

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Trying to learn a new language? Watch a movie you know by heart that's dubbed and/or subtitled in that language. It will aid in word association and comprehension and speed up the process of become proficient.

Recon718 Report

SykesDaMan 10 months ago

I did this! :) It worked!

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If you are involuntarily bumped off a flight, airlines are required to pay you. If you ask.
2x ticket price, up to $675, for 1-1:59 min hold over, and 4x ticket price, up to $1300, for anything over 2 hours hold over. DO NOT take their free meal or flight vouchers. They must pay upfront in cash if you ask for it.

MasterMichael Report

Lizzi Forrest 10 months ago

This is false in a lot of countries, you are provide a Credit notes that you need to claim back from the airline directly. They do not have to give you cash. They will give the LRV's in order to ensure you are fed whilst you wait and have a safe place to stay. But you will have to claim back the money directly from the airline. Please dont go demanding money from the staff at the airport. I used to do that job and I could threatened more times then I can count because of incorrect information like this! #

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