iLLuminite is a cool collection of decorative night lights by Amit Sturlesi.‎ Amit uses a unique (and pretty cool) process to make them.‎ I visited his studio in old Jaffa and got a full tour of the place – all documented in pictures – so you can ‎enjoy as well!‎

Let’s get started with some really cool lamps, following my visit to where the magic happens.

More info:

‎1. It starts with a sketch‎

Amit uses the ol’ pen and paper to design his model.

‎2. Computerizing‎

He later takes that sketch and translates it to a 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional models in his ‎computer.

‎3. Laser Engraving ‎

Amit uses a laser engraving technique to create his model on the acrylic glass.

‎4. Prototyping‎

Amit has a 3D printer in his studio. He uses it to prepare the master base for silicone mold which holds the concrete model‎.

‎5. Concrete Base‎

When the master mold is ready, he fills it up with concrete according to the design

And add a little color

And… Voilà!‎