My name is Thinh, 27 years old. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam. I created this work with carving and cutting techniques on actual fallen leaves using a fruit knife and a scissor. I started doing this after seeing many beautiful leaf-cutting works by awesome artists like Omid Asadi and Kanat Nurtazin. I always try to create pieces with a message and sometimes is the name – as a gift I can send them to my friend. Some of these messages or ideas come from my favorite songs, rap lyrics, poems, stories.

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Where Is The Love?


Life is a cloud and we are all water

amor fati – love of the fate

i’m sorry that i’m both your umbrella and the rain

my favorite song of James Blunt

my favorite song of Ne-Yo

but life goes on homies

Bob Marley

The Earth without art is just Eh

speaking words of wisdom, let it be

My favorite Vietnamese singer: Le Cat Trong Ly.

i miss you !

The name of my favorite coffee shop.

Nothing lasts forever. Everything is temporary, even your emotions.


“Nostalgia paints a smile on the stony face of the past.”
– Mason Cooley

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

some other texts