Humor is a great shelter during the most challenging times, and it explains why the coronavirus pandemic has sparked so many jokes and memes all over the internet.

The Lawrence Police Department has also proved that having a laugh is no crime. In fact, it might be all we really need. Their Twitter account has a staggering 170.7K followers who get updated with practical, humorous advice on living through the virus daily. “Return your TP to the store,” “2 pounds of ground beef is enough,” and “don’t crime” are among the department’s wisdom nuggets. When police are saying “we’ll rock this together, but apart,” they really mean it.

And some stress-relieving endorphins are a big luxury these days. Pandas, don't forget to upvote your favorite tweets! Plus, scroll down below for Bored Panda’s interview with Sergeant and public affairs officer Drew Fennelly, the man behind the viral Twitter account.

It’s not the first time the Lawrence Police Dept. has been praised for their sense of humor. After their tweet about a Tostito's bag which served as a breathalyzer went viral with 132K likes and 74K tweets, the department was now part of the big game.

The man behind the account, public affairs officer Drew Fennelly, has managed to create a bridge between law enforcement and millennials. "What we have found is that using humor generates a lot more interest because people don't expect a police department to be funny," Fennelly explained.

Drew Fenelly told Bored Panda that “we have built a strong relationship with our followers and, more importantly, with our community, using humor to relate with people and show that law enforcement officers are human beings.”

As a law enforcement agency, they are all too aware of the threat facing everyone right now. While social media is bombarding people with information, “we are trying to provide some levity, a small respite for people in our community and beyond, to help people cope with the outbreak and show that we are all in this together,” explained Drew Fenelly.

Sergeant Fenelly asks everyone to stay cognizant. “Even though we are separated physically by the spread of closings and shuttered businesses, we are bonded together as humans in the protection of the most vulnerable members of society.” Plus, “don’t crime,” added the Sergeant.

It’s been reported on various media channels that there’s a great shortage of coronavirus tests in the US—only 14K tests have been conducted nationally in comparison to 20K tests run daily in China.

Health care experts are worried that the country isn’t prepared for a pandemic. Dr. Eric Toner from John Hopkins Center for Health Security said that “We’re not prepared, nor is any place prepared for a Wuhan-like outbreak.” If people were able to access the needed intensive care, the doctor is convinced that “we’d see the same bad outcomes they saw in Wuhan—with a very high case fatality rate.”

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