My name is Mark Harless but most people know me as Bleeblu. I’m a photographer, adventurer, and daydreamer who enjoys taking beautiful photos. I bought my first camera three years ago in hopes of finding a small hobby to occupy my free time. My small hobby grew to something a bit bigger than I could have expected but it has been quite the journey.

Moon is a French illustrator who started doing graphic works with graffiti 22 years ago. He later attended an art school and immediately started work as an Art Director for eight years after. He now works as a freelance artist and teaches graphic design. Moon’s favorite art ideas are drawing plants and women.

After following each other on Instagram, Moon and I decided we had very similar styles. We decided to collaborate but with no solid photo ideas or themes to go off of. I asked my dear friend and fellow photographer, Molly Strohl, to help model for these photo series. I tried to take shots that would probably call for some drawing or photo manipulation on the model. I didn’t really know what to expect back from Moon but I was beyond impressed when I saw the finished photo collages. So here is “La Faune et la Flore.”

More info: | Instagram/bleeblu | Instagram/moon | Instagram/molly