It seems that kids these days are becoming even smarter and more witty than they used to be. Children are encouraged to express their minds, be themselves and aspire to be whatever they want. That gives them the creative freedom to come up with things that adults wouldn’t because they see the world in a more simple way.

They also give the most unexpected answers to really serious questions. This teacher from the UK, George Pointon, is always interested in what they have to say and asks his students a question of the week and later shares them on Twitter with his own commentary. This time the teacher asked the students to tell him what they would like to get off their chest and as always, it resulted in a hilarious thread.

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Teacher George Pointon went viral on Twitter again and this time he asked his students to get things that were bothering them off their chests

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It seems that Twitter really likes to hear what children have to say as Bored Panda has been covering the teacher’s viral tweets for some time now. If you missed out on that, you can find the children’s answers to the question, “What’s the one thing you need to be an adult?” here. In this thread the children share what was the best thing that ever happened to them. The children were also asked what they would do if they were presidents of the world and you can read it here. The thread that was liked the most among Twitter users was when he shared the best jokes his students could come up with and we made an article about it that you can read if you click here.

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The 6-year-old students shared what was going on their minds and the answers, as always, were unexpected

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We also talked with George a couple of times and last time he revealed to us that he would like to put the students’ answers into a book and is looking for a publisher in order to do that. So if you have any suggestions, @GeorgePointon_ would be grateful for any help.

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Some of them shared some controversial opinions, like not being a big fan of pizza or Dance Monkey being their favorite song

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This time the teacher decided to ask his 6-year-old students “if they wanted to get something off their chest.” And the children took the opportunity to take off the load.

The answer in the thread that got the most likes was Lola’s. She told her teacher “My daddy says little sister has a head like a traffic cone” and it’s a perfect example of when kids say more than they are supposed to and expose their family members. The teacher himself admitted that it was hilarious.

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Others shared their observations about human and dinosaur anatomy

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Rory’s and JJ’s answers were quite liked by Twitter users too. The children said very different things: Rory was just complaining about how loud noises are really loud and you can’t really argue with that.

And JJ expressed a more controversial opinion. Turns out, he is not such a big fan of pizza. Definitely an unpopular opinion as the teacher described the silence after the statement “Like the last shot fired at Starlingrad.”

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The tweet that got the most likes in the thread was the one with Lola’s answer who exposed both her dad and her little sister

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Other children just shared their observations about life, like Sam spread awareness that a stegosaurus has four spikes on his tail, and Belle believes people have only 8 fingers as thumbs don’t count.

While JJ doesn’t like pizza too much, Joe likes the cinema and Mo made a confession that his favorite song is Dance Monkey.

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They all are truly amazing answers and it’s great that the students could get that out of their system. It probably made them feel better and it absolutely made someone’s day as they were scrolling through Twitter.

Did this thread put a smile on your face? Which answer do you relate to the most? Maybe there is something that you would like to get off your chest? Sound it off in the comments!

What made the thread even funnier and more interesting was people sharing their children’s gems of wisdom

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