When you were younger, what did your dream home look like?

We asked kids between the ages of 4 and 10 to draw us their ideal home, and then we brought those magnificent homes to life through the magic of digital rendering!

Each home was then valued by a professional estate agent – and it turns out kids have some pretty pricey imaginations!

Check out the super creative drawings and their evaluations:

More info: bankrate.com

Alya and Zack’s Unicorn Mansion: £5.5 Million

Molly’s Secret Fairy Wonderland: £1.8 Million

Bramwell’s Tree Tower: £8 Million

Sophia’s Doughnut Villa: £5 Million

Sally’s Bonkers Mansion: £4.25 Million

Isabella’s Crystal Palace: £4.5 Million

Charlie’s Wrestling Ring House: £2.1 Million

Berrin’s Underwater Jellyfish Paradise: £35 Million