With lockdown still a reality for many, keeping kids entertained has been a significant challenge for parents and carers across the world this year. During this time, gardens and outdoor areas have become a haven of imagination and a fun place to escape to. Tapping into this, the experts at Love The Garden realized that there was no better time to unlock some of this creativity by asking children to draw their own dream gardens, then commissioning a series of realistic CGI renders looking at what they would look like if they were real! As adults, we can take inspiration from different cultures or trends when designing a garden, but maybe it’s time to think outside of the box. Who knows—maybe a potato farm or candy-themed garden is what your home is missing!

To create this project, the team asked for children all over the UK and further afield, aged 4 to 12, to draw their “dream garden” and then brought these drawings to life with the help of the architectural designers at This Is Render to create the 3D digital designs you see below.

More info: lovethegarden.com

Candyland – by Lydia, aged 6, from Sale

Lydia has a sweet tooth and has created every sugar fanatic’s dream! From cotton candy trees and lollipop flowers to a chocolate river and custard puddles, you’d gain a few stone with this outside your back door.

Connor-Land – by Connor, aged 6, from Glossop

With visits to theme parks still subject to stricter rules, Connor decided to go ahead and build his own, with all the fun of the fair brought to his own back yard. Connor wanted all his favorite rides included, from a log flume and a big wheel to a roller coaster and pirate ship. There are also snacks galore in this garden, with a hut giving out free sweets, cakes, and doughnuts—you’d never want to leave!

The Castle Garden – by Bonnie, aged 5, from Manchester

Throughout the pandemic, children in the UK have been drawing rainbows and putting them in their windows as a show of support for the National Health Service (NHS). Bonnie wants to show her support permanently in her dream garden with a rainbow waterfall and neon NHS sign too! She also wanted the fairy tale treatment with a purple and pink castle for her king (my daddy) and queen (my mummy). Cute!

Go-Karter’s Paradise – by Jayden, aged 10, from Canada

Jayden is a go-kart fanatic, so it only fits that his dream garden would have its own go-kart track. He hasn’t just stopped there, though; he’s also added a pool with a massive slide, and if that makes you hungry after a swim, how about popping over to his very own potato farm so you can make your chips, Jayden’s favorite food!

Hannah-Fest – by Hannah, aged 7, from Glossop

With festivals around the globe being canceled due to the pandemic, Hannah has had the smart idea of having her dream garden as a celebration of everything she loves all in the form of a festival, aptly named Hannah-Fest! From giant trampolines to chocolate fountains, we can’t help but wonder which artist would headline such a fun festival.

The Adventure Garden – by Francis, aged 4,from Manchester

Are you looking for adventure or a relaxing soak? Well, Francis’ dream garden has something for everyone. You can shoot water cannons from a castle or ride a digger one minute and then float down a lazy river or enjoy some molten chocolate the next. Francis has thought of it all!