There are a few people in this world that Internet users love more than others. It’s safe to say that on top of the list, we have celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Ellen DeGeneres and of course, Keanu Reeves. So there is absolutely nothing surprising about the fact that once any news breaks out about any of these people, Internet users show their full support. Keanu Reeves has been spotted many times spending time alone in cafes or metros. This humble way of living amazes many and shows that not all famous people live in complete luxury.

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Saint Laurent just announced that Keanu Reeves will be their face for the Fall/Winter men’s range

Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello recently revealed the news and it became public once Saint Laurent shared these stunning images taken by photographer David Sims on their Instagram.

The famous actor is known as one of the Internet’s most beloved people – his introverted characteristics, melancholic gaze and humbleness is something many of us wish to see more of when it comes to celebrities and their public appearances.

It is known that Reeves not only gives a lot to charity, he also helps people around him – he gave money from his own salary to the Matrix’s special effects team to save their jobs.

The actor became the star of the online buzz after being spotted doing the most down to earth things alone, for example, feeding the fish at the park

There was also that time when his plane made an emergency landing so he shared a van with other passengers instead of going on a private luxurious ride

And of course, everyone online loved the photos of him spending time with a homeless man

His humble appearance and kind heart quickly made him one of the most beloved famous people. There is also information about him having a private organisation that helps children hospitals and cancer research. But being as kind as he is, Keanu states, “I don’t like to attach my name to it. I just let the foundation do what it does.”

Because of this, people online absolutely loved this news about Keanu being the face of Saint Laurent