After the birth of their third child, Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge did what royal family is expected to do and presented the youngest heir to the throne of the family for the world to see.

Kate Middleton was, as you would expect from a royal, well-groomed and putting on her best face, despite giving birth just hours previously. Some people were shocked however, by just how amazing she looked, flawless and still sporting that pregnancy glow in full makeup and heels. This has prompted a variety of responses, from sympathy for the amount of pressure she must experience to look her best even hours postpartum, to criticism for creating impossibly high expectations for other women.

But the best responses are from those new moms who are sharing their own hilariously real and disheveled post-birth photos. Not everyone has the luxury of a team of makeup and hair professionals at their disposal!

Obviously, the Duchess was just doing her job and probably loves these tongue-in-cheek comparisons. Giving birth is seriously hard work, and while Kate is required to go out into the glare of the media spotlight and be a role model, most women prefer a hard-earned rest and a square meal. Scroll down to check out the hilariously real post-natal comparisons for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Kate Middleton is known for looking flawless on all occasions and giving birth is no exception. Here’s how she looked just hours after giving birth to her third child

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Naturally, people started wondering  what sorcery this is

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Some even said she must be the real Wonder Woman

While other moms started sharing their own pics, proving the reality was much different for them

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Some wished they looked that good after years of taking care of their children, not even hours

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Other moms started saying she’s just hiding it all in and shared messages of compassion

And some were setting new goals for themselves in life