Atlas Italiae represents the traces of something lost, but still grounded to the places it belongs to. Primeval and indefinite energies become material through the artist’s eyes. During one and a half year Silvia Camporesi explored all the twenty Italian regions, looking for forgotten and abandoned villages and buildings. Atlas Italiae is the result of this set of images, an ideal map of the vanishing country, an atlas of the disappearance.

The sequence of the photos reveals as a poetic collection of places, based on the research of fragments of memory. Desert villages which don’t seem to exist even on the maps, crumbling architectures worn down by wild vegetation, industrial plants prey to oblivion, former summer camps almost frozen in the never again time.

Atlas Italiae will be exposed at Galleria del Cembalo, in cooperation with z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, from February 20th to April 9th 2016.

More info:

View, Roghudi (Calabria – Italy)

Restaurant, Genga (Marche – Italy)

Hotel, Porretta Terme (Emilia Romagna – Italy)

Castle, Rovasenda (Piedmont – Italy)

Interior, Borgo Taccone (Basilicata – Italy)

Cement plant, Alzano Lombardo (Lombardy – Italy)

Hotel, Salsomaggiore Terme (Emilia Romagna – Italy)

View, Borgo Giuliano (Sicily – Italy)

Spa, Porretta Terme (Emilia Romagna – Italy)

View, Island of Pianosa (Tuscany – Italy)