My name is Aniko (Mandarin Duck) and I am an award winning… 30 years old… story teller. I don’t like to put myself under any artistic category, as I sculpt, paint, do digital art and many more. But this is the story about my “art jewelry”.

I make art jewelry for over 8 years and I would like to share my creative craze with you. People can never guess what my “art jewelry” is made of as I use a very creative mix of fascinating materials, which are simple, but look very effective when combined and mixed together. I love to combine natural textures with metallic finishes, which makes the pieces look like they are not from this planet, but belong to some far away alien worlds.

I love recreating natural patterns of wood, stone, water, bark in my own artistic way, adding interesting organic textures, shapes, colours etc. I also love to dive into details for hours and days on and achieve perfection as much as I can, making people question only one question: “HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!”.

Each jewelry piece takes at least few days to make. Some take over three weeks to accomplish. Real masterpieces take time and a lot of painstaking attention. I get my inspiration from sci-fi and fantasy movies, nature, unreal characters, ancient scriptures, history of the universe and more.

More info:

Aurora’s Mirror

The Eye Of Horus

Aurora’s Mirror (Details shot)

The Forbidden Lands Bracelet

The Blades Of Power

Garuda – The Bird Of God

The Water Princess (Necklace)

Xenomorph Queen Necklace

The Wind Summoner’s Necklace