When it comes to food, all parents know how picky children can get. Taste is not the only important thing to the little ones; the visual appearance of the food matters too. That's why some parents are encouraged to master the art of cooking to satisfy their little "food critics." One of those parents is a mom of three little girls from Tokyo, Japan. This woman creates both adorable and delicious-looking meals that even adults crave.

The woman is known as Etoni Mama. She is raising three girls—ages 11, 7, and 9—who are lucky enough to eat colorful, cartoon character-inspired meals almost every day. The talented mother who has no prior training in making food is definitely a master of kyaraben, also known as character bento. Kyaraben is a Japanese lunchbox food style that features numerous meals decorated to look like people and various pop culture characters, including plants and animals. While making character bento is not easy, Etoni does it so well that you can't help but love her meals.

After a coworker encouraged Etoni Mama to share her intricate and fun meals on Instagram, the woman started her sharing her dishes and in a couple of years, she gathered a solid fan base of over 103k followers. But her success didn't end there. The woman also published a cookbook featuring her stunning kitchen creations to help other parents serve their children food that is so cute that they simply can't resist eating it.

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