There is no right or wrong way of doing art. Anyone can create anything they like by using whatever form, medium, matter, or canvas that they want. And hence, picking these things is an art of its own. The hero of today's story sought inspiration from nature for his art.

A Japanese artist that goes by the name of "Lito Leaf art" on Instagram has a very specific medium and style of making his art. "Unbe-leaf-able" is the word one finds when trying to describe them. These cutouts which are (obviously) made from leaves are pure quality art.

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Inside the leaves, there lives a whole other world full of wondrous cute animals, homespun idyllic motifs, and occasional references to popular culture, among other things. Needless to say, in order to create them, it takes a whole lot of meticulous, detailed work. The artist confesses that it's a great way for him to deal with his ADHD.

The artist confesses that it's a great way for him to deal with his ADHD. It helps him in reducing distraction by letting him focus on one thing. He likes this practice so much that he tries to do it everyday.

"Before I started leaf-cutting, I used to do paper-cutting, but I couldn't get much attention. I was shocked to see the work of a Spanish leaf-cutting artist, and I started this art as well," the artist told.

Make no mistake: his modest, minuscule, and cute works have attained a large amount of interest from fellow Instagrammers, and Lito already has nearly 27k followers. Over the years, the Japanese artist has created hundreds of little versions of his cutouts, and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

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