Sure, we get it, being a dad isn’t easy. However, no matter how hard it actually gets, everyone will agree that standing up and simply running away is never an option. Nobody is born with dad skills—they are learned and acquired through education, self-awareness, sprinkled with a dash of trial and error.

But, unfortunately, dads do run away, not only leaving behind now single moms to fill in both pairs of parenting shoes but also their offspring who have done nothing to deserve this.

Well, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. A fellow by the name of Jake James recently posted an ad for fatherhood services that he calls Rent a Daddy. Read on to learn more.

Single motherhood is a growing problem, but this guy got them covered with a service he calls “Rent a Daddy”

Image credits: Jake James

Jake James of Blue Haven, Australia got an idea to post an ad for him as a rentable dad on his Facebook

Image credits: Jake James

So, Jake James, also referred to as Jake Orr by some, from Blue Haven, New South Wales, Australia is a trucker who decided he needed a bit of a change of pace in life. As a result, he put out an ad for a Rent a Daddy service that is exactly what it sounds like.

The post was accompanied by a caption: “Trying out a new career move to get away from trucks so everybody get onboard and support your boy. Rent a daddy today.”

The ad continued in the picture giving the traditional marketing blurbs and calls to action, along with all of the details of the service. It starts off with “Has your baby daddy been acting up? Tired of him playing games? Does he put drugs and his mates before his kids? Get yourself a rent a daddy!!”

This includes instructional learning, attending sports events, partaking in the kid’s desired activities and much more

Image credits: Jake James

He also offers some extra services like family selfies and Facebook relationship status updates

Image credits: jakebrakeorr

Services include pretty much what you would expect from a babysitter, except wrapped in a more fatherly approach: 3 hours of instructional learning of valuable life skills like car maintenance and mowing the lawn, daycare and school drop-offs and pick-ups, 3 activities of the kid’s choice, attending sporting events, and there’s even a possibility of getting him for the weekends.

For an extra fee, you can also have Jake attend family events and birthday parties as well as Sunday afternoons. Other services include updating his Facebook relationship status and family selfies.

Speaking of fees, Jake’s daddy services come to AU$30 per hour as a standard rate and a 20% hourly surcharge is added for Sundays after 4PM and Sunday night dinners (which is, of course, covered by the client).

Jake charges AU$30 hourly with some applicable surcharges depending on the situation

Image credits: jakebrakeorr

Image credits: jakebrakeorr

Now, at the moment, it isn’t clear if this was done for laughs, or was done for the fun of it but turned real, or if it was a real ad to begin with. Regardless, many people have responded to his ad, tagging their friends who people are left to assume need a dad real bad.

One of the commenters joked that she’d want to borrow her friend’s kids for the day just so that she could meet Jake. Another commenter also jokingly sent a warning to her spouse saying if he acts up, he’s getting replaced by Jake.

There were some who were genuinely skeptical of his ability to be a good dad, primarily because he’s supposedly holding a beer can in his hands in the ad picture and he provided absolutely no credentials for being a father or having experience in fatherhood, save for a few pictures with kids you can find on his Instagram.

Jake and his post went viral, getting thousands of reactions on Facebook and making headlines online

Image credits: jakebrakeorr

The ad managed to acquire some internet fame with over 2,100 reactions to the post, over 1,700 comments and almost the same amount of shares. It also got some media coverage online.

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