I have created this project keeping in mind the constant prejudice about feminine and strength, color attribution and how we understand what it it is to be “Like a girl”.

I convey it through geometric figures, the elemental backgrounds and futuristic shapes that are in harmony with feminine look, flowy textures and colors and still convey strength of character.

Just because I wear pink doesn’t mean I can’t hold a science degree. Just because I am feminine doesn’t mean I am weak. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I am not a leader.

It’s time to rethink what “Like a girl” actually means.

Creative & Art Director/Photographer: Victoria Krundysheva (instagram @victoriakrundysheva )

Concept & Text: Victoria Krundysheva

Model: Elyseah Shaikh

Outfits by: Pryka

More info: Instagram

Like a girl. Is it so bad?

Do you mean edgy? Or you say brave?

Which girl? The one who discovers elements or invents devices?

Or is it the one who is world-famous artist?

The one who is standing tall?

Or the one with comforting embrace?

Like a girl! Hell i am. Wanna race?

All the facets I have. All the mountain peaks. Yet you only see flowers. You only see pinks.

All the flares in the world, all the flowers and bows. They won’t stop my achievements. Won’t bend my resolve. All the facets of me, all are contexts and plots. I do stand like a girl. I do stand like a boss.