When we think doodles, we think mindless drawings. In reality, doodles are more “mindy” than other drawings. They are transcripts of mind on paper as this series made by Mihai Moca proves.

Mihai has an almost compulsive calling for drawing and can scribble for hours in his Register that is now filled with complex pen-ball drawings that immediately submerge the viewer in a deep state of introspection.So personal that they are cryptic, these drawings make you find the interpretation within yourself.

Here is what he says about his works:

“This is how I clean my mind, how I revisit what I have said or done, and in the mean time it’s like a meditation – I focus on the details and textures of the drawing and I forget everything, sometimes even myself.

[…] My drawings are just exactly what crosses my mind the moment I set the ballpoint pen on the sheet. They are my thoughts and my feelings on a piece of paper.

For the moment I draw in a Register. The pages will remain in the Register and I intend preserving them. I carry it with me wherever I go. The pages that are not in the register are displayed on the walls of my room. I started doing that after I had a dream in which I dreamt I was waking up but I was still in the dream – 1,2,3,4,5, times the same thing in the same dream. And in this dream, my room was filled with drawings stuck on the walls of my room, and even drawings stuck on other drawings. The day after, I stuck the first drawing on my wall.”

You can see new pages of his register on the dedicated Photo Album on Facebook.

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