The Intra Africa Trade Fair 2018 is all set up to take place at Cairo, Egypt for seven days starting from the 11th of December 2018 to the 17th of December 2018. The trade show provides a platform for information, trade and investment opportunities of sharing, discussing and exhibiting in the market of one billion people gathered together by the free trade agreement.

The IATF 2018 is organized by the Africa Export-Import Bank or the Afreximbank and the AU. The purpose of the fair is to deepen the trade in the African continent as it offers a platform for information sharing and opportunities to a large number of business executives gathered together.

The Afreximbank states the objective of the Intra African Trade Fair 2018 as, “The fair will begin to open the platform for connecting African distances, making it possible for people to know what is going on within Africa, [thus] making it possible for intra-African investment to happen.”

Moreover, the trade show also aims to promote the accessibility by developing a database and trade portal for the distribution of information with the mobile application. Mobile Users will also receive the information from the trade portal.

In addition, the Intra African Trade Fair 2018 is taking place with an objective for Africa to industrialize. The IATF 2018 has invited over 1,000 exhibitors and business executive to get together for the first time in the country. On the whole, the trade fair works to provide an opportunity for exhibitors to exhibit their services and products and also to engage B2B exchanges and conclude business perspectives, investments and deals.

In conclusion, the IATF 2018 is awaited by everyone who invests and trade in different business sectors in the country as it expects to bring together a large number of officials and over 70,000 visitors generating in excess of $70 billion in business deals. The trade show will take place in Egypt following a bid process.

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