It is hard to imagine a modern interior, where walls are not decorated by paintings. Classic, Loft, Grunge, Provence… They are all use artworks to place accents. Alan Mirkovich’s works could complement any design project: from small cozy rooms to huge Open Space.
Use of modern technology create an ability to perform any paintwork on different materials, whether canvas, metal or stone. The volumetric image is create by a multi-layer varnish coating. This emphasizes the individuality of a small room, as well as of an Open Space of a company.
As decorative elements attached directly to the wall, stair treads and even the ceiling, Alan Mirkovich’s works could be as a full-fledged art-objects. Strong and emotional, gentle and quiet, artworks could ennoble every room and bring to owner more than a dozen raves.


Colerful life

Illusion of Energy


Mars with us

First Kiss & For Peace and Love

Soul Dance in Loft