It seems like the older generation always has the wildest, most exciting, and sometimes even borderline comical stories of how they happened to meet their significant others. Which often makes the youngsters out there feel at least a tiny bit envious. But mostly—absolutely entertained.

If you, just like us, enjoy a good "how we met" story, get ready for a real treat! Recently, Twitter user @Coll3enG shared a post that currently has almost 800k likes and more than 60k retweets. Her tweet contained a brief summary of her grandparents' "meet cute" story: "my grandma just asked me if i had a boyfriend and i was like 'no' and she was like 'well i went to a random funeral because i was bored and that’s how i met your grandfather' ??????"

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Thousands of people absolutely loved this story and it inspired some of them to share more bizarre tales of how they or their relatives met their significant others. With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most wild, funny and wholesome movie-level "how we met" stories shared by people on Twitter. By the way—we had a chance to talk to Colleen (the girl who started this whole thread) and find out a bit more about her grandparents’ love story, so make sure to look for her answers while scrolling down!

We were extremely curious to learn more about the love story of Colleen’s grandparents that started this whole thread. Here’s what she told us: “My grandma and grandpa were from a smallish town with several big families, so my grandma knew of my grandfathers family and decided to go to his dad’s funeral with a friend because most funerals in their town are just large social gatherings.”

“My grandma and grandpa didn’t actually approach each other at the funeral because the funeral was for my grandpa’s dad, but my grandma saw my grandpa and asked her friend ‘which son is that boy,’ because she thought my grandpa was cute,” said Colleen.

“After learning his name she found him at school (he was a year older) and asked him out to her formal dance and he said yes. From there they went out, even after my grandpa went to college,” Colleen continued. “While my grandpa was away at college, he actually dropped out and didn’t tell my grandma and my grandma was so upset that every time he called for the next several weeks she would slam down the phone and refused to speak to him. My grandpa still called her every day to apologize and eventually my grandma agreed to give him another chance.”

What can we say—Colleen’s grandparents’ love story turned out to be even more beautiful than we imagined. “He proposed to her on a romantic bike ride through town, he went back to college to become an inventor, and they had 7 children,” Colleen told Bored Panda. “They were married for almost 60 years before my grandpa passed away! My grandma actually still carries their formal engagement announcement everywhere she goes. I don’t think it was love at first sight, but they loved each other so much.”

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