The internet is full of knowledge and often picking up fun and intriguing tidbits of information is something we can’t avoid. Luckily, we enjoy learning new things, and we know that you do too. After all, studying about the world not only satisfies our curiosity but also helps us unwind and forget about our daily troubles.

So let’s take a deep dive and learn some of the most surprising truths from Fact Point. This Twitter account, self-described as the ‘House of Amazing Facts’, is dedicated to sharing the never-ending supply of cool trivia and enlightening their 419.9K followers along the way.

Scroll down to see some of the best posts we have collected from the account, be sure to learn a thing or two, and upvote the ones that surprised you the most! And if you’re hungry for more mind-boggling facts, check out our recent posts about them here and here.

Bored Panda has reached out to the founder of the account, Amit Baghel, to learn more about the project and the inspiration behind it. He told us that the journey of Fact Point began in 2014 when he regularly started posting short snippets describing interesting, little-known facts on social media.

Amit admitted that he loved to read about the fascinating tidbits of knowledge—and the more obscure they were, the better. “I would collect articles on facts like others would collect coins or stamps,” he said. 

Initially, Amit managed his hobby alone by posting short extracts from the information he read online. “Later on, my brother Sandeep Baghel also started assisting me with social media strategy ideas and suitable graphics,” he revealed. “With consistent posting over time, backed up by some canny research into our audience’s preferences, the accounts grew quickly across platforms.” 

“Much of our content comes from closely monitoring the levels of user engagement in order to keep our audience happy,” the founder told Bored Panda. “We do not perceive any difficulty in managing the account.” On the contrary, they love to be a part of it by sharing exciting knowledge with their followers.

“After managing Fact Point successfully on Twitter, we started a page on Instagram with infographics dedicated to facts,” he said. The content they post is unique and verified with multiple credible sources before publishing. “This has solidified the presence on the platform and turned it into one of the biggest communities for inquisitive minds on Instagram.”

When the founder noticed that people were eager to learn new fascinating things about the world and their community started quickly growing, they spread onto other platforms. They created a new Facebook page and then launched a YouTube channel. 

“During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, we also started a YouTube channel for Hindi-speaking users from our home country.” And it seems there are even more plans ahead since Amit revealed that they plan to launch a website and a mobile app quite soon. 

When asked why so many people enjoy learning new facts, the creator revealed that it’s always useful to discover new things. “We believe that the more knowledge we gather about the world around us, the greater is our understanding of our place in the Universe.”

“Factual information on any subject is crucial for our existence in this world,” he continued. “If our perceptions about the world are based on false premises, it is obvious that we shall have a hard time preserving life and happiness.”

“In this era of fake news, we feel that our audience supports us because we go to great pains to ensure that the information we post is verifiably and justifiably factual in nature,” Amit added. They set up another account on Tumblr “where details of our sources are openly displayed for anyone to inspect and dispute if it can be proven to be mistaken or inaccurate.”


FactPoint Report

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FactPoint Report

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FactPoint Report

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