I’m not a professional watercolorist or designer and it was very hard to understand that in that case I have a freedom to create anything I want to create. I’ve started to try myself in watercoloring almost two years ago and all this time I made small works in different tecniques.

It was very cool to make them but I was dreaming about something more. Last year I’ve travelled a lot and mostly didn’t have a workspace to paint big canvases (and also all this time I was scared that I have not so much experience and knowledge). So when I finally get to my home in May and finally found an opportunity and place to start my project with motivational quotes, I’ve found I’m not scared anymore – I am amateur and it means I’m really in love with those things I do!

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Let’s get lost, A3

Live simply, A3

If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough, A2

When it rains look for rainbow, when it’s dark look for stars, A3

Why walk when we can dance, A3