Oregon-based artist Kerilynn Wilson was always fascinated by insects, but didn’t know how to collect them without harming them. So she started to create gorgeous hand-painted paper sculptures of butterflies and beetles. These incredibly realistic paper insects convey a sense of delicate movements as the sculptures seem to land or fly away.

For the artist, these paper sculptures are a side project apart from her job as an illustrator and author. The project helps Wilson to relax after painting and drawing for the whole day, which sometimes can be draining. The artist says that painting beetles and butterflies allows her brain to rest. “I draw and paint all day, which I love, but oftentimes in the evenings I would draw for fun too, which is very draining. I was looking for a way to be creatively fulfilled while allowing my brain to rest. Plus I save all my paper scraps from old jobs, which is what I use for my insects. And that’s how it began!” the artist told Bored Panda.

“My insect sculptures came about for a couple different reasons. The primary being my love of real insects. I have always loved them and collected ones that I found already dead, but I was looking for a way to collect amazing insects without harming them. The other reason I found my way into creating paper insect sculptures in my spare time is my full-time job as an illustrator. (My illustration account is @kerilynnwilson.)”

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