The amount of choosing beggars among us is astounding. Never have I thought there would be this many people who expect everyone to just slave for them for reasons they can’t explain themselves.

However, one of the most recent posts in the Choose Beggar subreddit goes above and beyond in the exploitative department. In it, there’s a screenshot of an ad for a babysitter. She’s expected to work 12-hour days and provide the kids organic food for $100 a week. And that’s not even the end of it. Remember all those ancient civilizations, throwing human suffering and death into their construction projects? Even those working conditions sound more humane than what this delusional lady is “offering”. Continue scrolling and check it out!

Image credits: keelhaulrose

OK, let’s do the math real quick. This woman is looking for someone who will work 57.5 hours a week for $100, so they are willing to pay the sitter $1.74 per hour. And don’t forget they have to provide the kids with organic food, too.

Considering that the national average rate for babysitters in 2017 was $13.97 per hour (and that’s taking care of one child), the person signing the contract would accept quite the pay cut as well. Of course, they would get benefits like “must work weekends with no notice”, but still.

This mother isn’t the first to go viral for making unreasonable demands in a job posting. Take this one for example. She proposed tax evasion while offering her minuscule payment for all these services which also include teaching her children a language, taking care of the two pit bulls, and paying for snacks.

Something tells me she also isn’t going to be the last one.

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