Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Just like everyone is entitled to criticizing yours if they don’t agree with it. And that’s exactly what Kornelija Slunjski has been experiencing.

The makeup artist and influencer has been dragged across social media for her unapologetic assessment of what a first date should look like.

“I do not accept a coffee or a walk as a possible date option,” she said in a TikTok titled ‘NO to zero effort men.’

“First of all, I’m not a dog that needs to be walked. Second, I have a Nespresso machine at home–works fabulous,” Slunjski explained.

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Last month, influencer Kornelija Slunjski released a controversial TikTok

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Alright. So what is an acceptable first date for this influencer?

Judging from the same TikTok, there’s just one option—dinner. Slunjski said she wants to see if a guy has manners, whether he can hold his chopsticks correctly, and she wants to study him.  So “dinner it is,” she concluded.

Many of her fellow TikTokers protested she is overly “high maintenance,” but later the woman released follow-up videos addressing the blowback. Slunjski said that in the country she is from (Croatia), this is simply how dating works. Plus, as she pointed out in another video—filmed on a private jet—she’s just “used to” a lifestyle with a high price tag.

It already has over 2.5 million views

The clip has also received its fair share of criticism

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She said in another TikTok that if a guy tells her she’s high maintenance, it shows that they aren’t a match. She also encouraged girls not to “lower your standards for a man who cannot rise up to them.”

So Kornelija made another one, doubling down on what she has originally said

@kokobeauteReply to @dlink2020 let the trolls tell me what’s high maintenance #highmaintanence #highmaintanance #keepyourstandardshigh♬ original sound – KokoBeaute

Which resulted in even more hate