Technology is functional but nothing says it can’t be fun , playful and interactive . This seem to be the theme behind the new sets of devices designed by vivien Muller , an industrial designer based Luxembourg. As he injects playful responses into original object from the home.

WatchMe , Bearbot and Ulo are not the names of the next big cartoons but functional devices we use everyday. Watchme can be used to decorate a bedside, as a companion, and charge wearable technology.

Bearbot, is an adorable and playful companion which serve as a universal remote control for the home. ULo would make sole vlogging fun as it can interact while it record videos and audio session. All can be controlled by just hand gestures and can be bought online at the MuDesign store ( )

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Really cute cyclopes to charge your watch (Called Watchme )

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WatchMe stares when it is approached

An owl camera for streaming and video recordings ( Ulo )

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Gestures to switch it off and on.

Ulo interacted by moving its big cute eyes.

Universal home remote ( Bearbot )

Bearbot is controlled by hand gestures only.

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