DC and Marvel have been competing fans for many years, since generally anyone who reads Marvel does not read DC and vice versa, it’s just that story of Coca-Cola x Pepsi, Xbox One x PS4, Mario x Sonic.

But while these entertainment giants vie for both, there are too many, many similarities between the characters of both.

The artist Darren Rawlings seeing these similarities between the characters decided to create the incredible project “Little Friends”.

More info: darrenrawlings.deviantart.com

Captain America and Commander Steel

Captain Canuck and Guardian

Galactus and Mogo

Boomerang and Captain Boomerang

Dr.Polaris and Magneto

Ultron and Brainiac

Wasp and Bumblebee

Green Lantern and Quasar

Cheetah and Tigra

Thor and Captain Marvel

Superman and Gladiator and Hyperion

Black Lightning and Electro

SwampThing and Man-Thing

Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man and Plastic Man

Green Arrow and Hawkeye

Hulk and Grundy

Ghost Rider and Atomic Skull

Deadpool and Deathstroke

Aquaman and Namor

Catwoman and Black cat

Moon Knight and Dark Knight

Clayface and Sandman

Hawkman and Angel

Booster Gold and Longshot

Booster Gold and Longshot

Dr.Fate and Dr.Strange

Darkseid and Thanos

Ant-man and Atom

Martian Manhunter and Vision

Flash and Quicksilver