Hi! I'm Natasza and I am a polish illustrator who work in a hotel reception. In the end of 2015 I decided to make one illustration for a day, because I was afraid that I forgot how to draw.

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I live in Silesia - region of Poland where in culture and folklore we have stories about beboks. Beboks are little monsters who live in house's nooks, make a mess and sometimes they disturb everyday life of householders. So, I make a challenge for myself to draw these little monsters and post them every day on my Facebook wall. On the

On the beginning I used watercolors - now is also digital painting and markers. Suddenly many poeple join to my challenge by making orders for their own beboks. Sometimes I also choose special date and make a special bebok - like Mona Lisa Bebok for Leonardo da Vinci bday. Now I have prepared 308 beboks, and my goal is to make 367 of them. And I want to show you my favorite ones!

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