I think we can all wholeheartedly agree that it is difficult to resist the temptation of scrolling through countless images and videos of cute animals. Let’s be real, most of us do it on a daily basis, whether we do it on purpose or not. You scroll through one picture... then another, and somehow you end up on a Facebook page that’s dedicated to nothing but just the utmost Important Animal Images.

Of course, it’s definitely not the first time we have featured pictures from the “Important Animal Images” Facebook page, as just a month ago we made another post featuring even more funny images, and if by any chance you are interested, you can find it by clicking here.

As you may have noticed, the said Facebook page is dedicated to sharing only the most important (have we forgotten to add funny and wholesome to it?) pictures of various animals, whether it would be your regular pets such as cats or dogs, or even crocodiles, chickens, and llamas (which you will spot in this post as well).

We can assure you that you can find all that and more, because this Facebook page really has you covered when it comes to the various animal content they have to offer. Cute, wholesome, and funny pictures get shared daily, and sometimes even twice a day to fuel you up with your daily dose of laughter and seratonin.

So far, the Facebook page has nearly 900k likes; however, the community that supports only the most “Important Animal Images” keeps growing day by day, so 1 million likes should be a goal that they will come to pass soon. Hopefully, with a big milestone reached, we will get to see even more animal images that are of utmost importance!

Bored Panda reached out to the creator of the said Facebook page to find out a little bit more about the idea of the Facebook page.

“I have had a cat-only page for three years. My uncle has a lot of dogs and birds and I wanted to post them on Facebook, but my cat page was not suitable for that, so I created this page that posts incredible images of all kinds of animals.”

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Note: this post originally had 99 images. It’s been shortened to the top 50 images based on user votes.