Brazilian photographer Vitor Schietti uses fireworks and long-exposure photography to create his “Impermanent Sculptures.” The effect was achieved by manual waving of fireworks, some post processing, and then by combining up to 12 shots into a single image.

“The series is the result of several years of research on long exposure photography, and the usage of ND filters was vital to find a perfect balance between the fading twilight and the brightness of the fireworks,” Schietti told Colossal. “Only a few attempts were allowed per day, since the time frame during which this balance is possible is very narrow (30 to 50 minutes).”

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“If one wants to produce art, one is capable of it, but it takes time, dedication, trial and error, [and] acceptance…”

“I’d leave luck out of the equation, since many attribute success to it”

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

“If one is satisfied with only contemplating art, that’s fine too”

“People should produce more art, that could save us from ourselves”

Bored Panda would like to thank Vitor Schietti for sharing these thoughts with us.