Realm of Sands – a photo project that was born out of my undying fondness of memories and inspired by beautiful landscapes of South India – a place where heritage of past and its stories is forever trapped in thousands of stones and billions of sand crystals.

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Memories of our past. The sand castles written off by the winds of change

But we try to hold on. We grasp on to fading visions. Distant whispers. We linger in the realm of sands

Everything is better in that place. Sun is brighter, skies are clearer, futures are unwritten

We are better in that place. Limitless. Hopeful

We each build our own sand realm. Gorgeous heritage to the life we left behind

With every passing moment it is even more serene, even more magical. The further away- the more faultless they look

Yet as gorgeous as it may seem- it is nothing but sand and dust. Empty hallways of once-upon-a-time greatness

This moment right here is on the way to realm of sands

There it will live on as an empty monument coming alive only in stories we tell

Creative & Art Director/Photographer: Victoria Krundysheva (instagram @victoriakrundysheva )

Concept & Text: Victoria Krundysheva

Model: Mayuri Sinha

Outfits by: Pryka