I remember first reading G. R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series: one of the details of his world that immediately got my imagination was the idea of the ever returning winters of unpredictable length.

What if we wouldn’t know how long next winter will last?

What if it would stay for years, covering everything in a thick snow blanket, with short days and long nights, never-ending snowfalls, frozen rivers, and lakes?

Thinking about this world inspired my 12 piece winter series and eventually gave its title – Winter is Coming.

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The North Remembers

This piece was inspired by the weirwood trees and the legends of North. For a long time I wasn’t sure about the color of the wolf (I made a grey and a white version too), but for some reason, I think if Ned Stark would have had a direwolf, it would have been black.

Image credits: www.12images.net

Leaving Blackwater

On short days, with heavy clouds hanging, the sea can look almost black – the contrast created with the beautiful geometric edges of the white ice fields is poetic and threatening at the same time.

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Just three herons flying on the winter sky in silent snowfall.

Image credits: www.12images.net

Clear sky

After a long, silent snowfall with no wind the land turns into a sculpture – the sky is clear, nothing is moving and the thick snow that sits on the branches and twigs of the bare trees can stay there for days.

Image credits: www.12images.net

Secrets behind the Wall

Because ravens know everything. They just don’t tell.

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