Boredom sparks creativity. Think about it. As you’re laying there in a fetal position, saving lives by staying home, your restless mind is running errands. You start daydreaming in no time—wandering around the house like a lone pirate planning on terrains to conquer.

So when Jimmy Fallon announced his new hashtag challenge #ImSoBored|, it was destined to hit close to home. “Tell us a funny thing you’ve done to pass the time in quarantine,” asked the comedian on Twitter.

From giving names to canned soups, to cooking three-course meals and pretending it’s a cooking show, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do out of boredom. Check out the most hilarious answers below and upvote your favorites!

This time The Tonight Show, the third longest running show on NBC, got a quarantine rendition. Since Fallon’s show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and other late-night shows have suspended production due to the pandemic, the comedian turned to an impro solution. The low-tech "At Home Edition” episode aired live from Fallon’s home.

But hosting the show in such close proximity to his 5 and 6 year-old daughters was definitely a change from his usual setup. Fallon called the situation “controlled chaos.” The veteran comedian explained to People that “'[Frances and Winnie] don't know they're being seen by millions of people. They just want to play. They know what I do but they've never seen it live.” The show also featured DIY props and hand-drawn cue cards.

The idea to create a DIY version of The Tonight Show from home came after Fallon’s wife Nancy Juvonen suggested that they do something together. “My wife said, ‘We’re all quarantined in the house together, this is the time, you have to put something out there. Let’s do a show from here.’” Nancy offered to be a cameraman and the rest is history. “It’s a good way to get the word out,” recounts comedian.

Fallon's special edition series aims to raise funds for a different charity every night, from Feeding America and Save the Children to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and No Kid Hungry. “It isn’t about ratings or anything else, it’s about—we’re here to help,” said Fallon. The special celebrity guests have included Kim Kardashian West and Jon Bon Jovi. The former vice president Joe Biden is said to be booked to Zoom into the NBC show on April 1st.


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