1. Keep your head in the clouds.

With so much weighing down on you sometimes, piercing your skin to your very soul with negativity dipped arrows, it’s hard to move forward. But we do. And we will. We armor up and we embrace those Archer’s arrows and allow them to become more than just wounds, we allow them to be reminders that we must keep pushing forward and keep our head in the clouds and look to brighter futures.

2. Smile through…

There’s days we wake up, ready to give up, but he put on our smile and we grit our teeth and make it through. It’s the ongoing battle with the darkness, and some battles we lose, but we all are built for war. Bite down, Smile, and Armor Up!

3. A glass half full. A glass half empty. With depression, it still feels like drowning.

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Keep your head in the clouds

Smile through the pain

A glass Half empty