Hi BP! My name is Bianca Berthiaume (Lola Bergaya is my artist name (my boyfriend’s last name is Gayadeen and mine is Bertiaume, so Bergaya, and Lola is from the movie shark tale because my kids have watched that movie about 1897625427 time ahahah!).

So, I’m a 34 years old mom of 2 (my daughter is 13 and my son is 9 ) and I’ve started painting about 12 years ago because I was a stay at home mom, nursing my daughter. Everything started with a video of James Kuhn, an amazing face painter, on youtube. I was so amazed by his talent! I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life since my Father is an award-winning illustrator and thought me. During my teenage years, I’ve been doing regular makeup for weddings, fashion shows, prom etc and with James video I’ve decided to combine everything together!

I started posting my photos on FB and on IG and started being recognized for my art and gained a humble 15 000 followers on IG which I’m very grateful for! The one with all the eyes took me the longest, 6 hours to complete! It was for a Halloween contest and I didn’t win, someone with a costume from a store did ahahahah! Anyway, I had a blast and this makeup became my trademark! Lately, I went back to school and obtained my certificate in Medical dermo-pigmentation. As soon as my renos are done and my place is set to operate I will be using my skills in illusion to tattoo nipples for people (man can have breast cancer too) who have lost their breast to cancer, tattooing veins on reconstructed penises for transgender people, treating scars etc… That’s my story, and by the way I became friend with James on FB and had the chance to talk to him, it was awesome!