Jack’s been kicked out of the boys toilets, been called a girl, mistaken for his sister, taunted by children he doesn’t know and told “get that hair cut!”. So why did he grow his hair as long as a lion’s mane and then some when it’s not the ‘done thing’ for a blue eyed 10 year old boy?

Perhaps it’s just that Jack’s hair is as big as his heart. He’s been growing it now for nearly two years because he heard of the Little Princess Trust and how they use people’s cut off locks to make wigs for girls who have lost theirs due to cancer. So after hearing sooo many times “ohhhh a wee girl would be glad o’ that hair” (a common Scottish phrase) it was in his nature to do just that, grow it for a girl.

As time went on we realised that Jack could fundraise at the same time. He chose GAIN. A charity close to his heart as his cousin Kieran suffered from the little known Guillian Barré Syndrome when he was only 4 years old – life threatening, causing temporary paralysis and years of therapy, GBS stole a slice of Kieran’s childhood. GAIN helped Kieran and his family greatly, it was time to give something back. A hair-raising stunt it may be, but Jacks loss is this charities GAIN.

Jack’s cutting his ‘Thor’ hair for cousin Kieran & for Guillain-Barre & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies (gain) because their Hero powers will help us hammer that target!

More info: justgiving.com

Jack has been growing his hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig for a girl who’s lost her hair due to cancer

Even when it was short people would swoon over his hair saying it was wasted on a little boy, as soon as Jack found out he could donate it to a girl, it was the natural thing for him to do.

Jacks cousin Kieran suffered from life threatening GBS that stole a slice of his childhood

It’s Guillian Barré Syndrome awareness month so the timing is right to try and help GAIN in the work they do to help people like Kieran, who was only 4y old at the time, he suffered heavily with GBS. GBS is a frightening syndrome and as it’s little known by many GAIN rely on donations to help keep them running and looking after people effected by GBS and their families. Jack chose to try and raise money for GAIN to support his big cousin Kieran.

Oiiii don’t kick me out the boys’ toilet!

Yes, Jack’s been mistaken for his sister, as a girl, continually been asked when are you getting that hair cut, taunted by children who don’t know him and even kicked out of the boys loo! He’s kept his humour about it, though he is a very emotional/sensitive soul and certainly some of the comments temporarily hurt. But he’s stayed as strong as a lion to stay true to his cause.