Here's a spooky visual treat for your Halloween. Konstantin Andreev is a professional from Moscow, Russia, who creates dark illustrations that look like they came out of someone's nightmare. Through his incredibly distinct and dynamic style, Konstantin invites us into his macabre and distressing universe.

He's no stranger to both surreal and real horror themes, and yet his works tend to have a certain cuteness and lightness to them, rather than straight-up horrifying themes. Some of his works inspire a chuckle (albeit a dark one), while others make one feel queasy, but in any case, his design is definitely unmistakable.

More often than not, his most productive periods are right before Halloween because he religiously participates in every Inktober. For those of you who don't know, Inktober is a month when illustrators try to dish out an illustration a day. Just to make it even more challenging, he also uses an egg timer. The deadline makes everything even more horrific (in a good way)!

"I am a professional ... non-artist," Konstantin humbly says about himself in his bio on Instagram, which has a solid 68k followers. He is certainly excellent and completely professional: among his works are books, digital and 3D art, and, of course, illustrations. So, if you feel brave enough, step right into his spooky gallery, and appreciate his horribly beautiful illustrations.

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Konstantin has given Bored Panda an exclusive in-depth interview. He commented on his distinct style and background as an artist: "There was a kids' art school in my childhood. It was about 30 years ago. Then I started my IG account in 2016 and got back to drawing. That's it. As you probably know, I’m not a professional artist. Drawing is my hobby, therefore I can’t say I got my style consciously. I would suppose it is a mixture of different styles I see every day in my IG feed, filled with awesome art by my favorite artists. Not all of them are my favorites, but a few of them have definitely affected me!"

Ironically, he draws inspiration from his real job. "My job is to create ideas and solutions. I’ve been doing it for ages and it became a way of doing anything in my life. So here is my art! All I need is an idea! When I get one, and there is time… voila! I’m inspired! Also, I love being challenged—that’s why I participate in Inktober."

He also explained the process of how he gets his ideas. "Nothing but technology for me. There are many creative ones. So before drawing I think hard to find an idea. Not many of them are brilliant but there is an idea always. 'No idea—no drawing,' I’d say."

He also participates in Inktober religiously, and shared how his current Inktober is going. "This one is pretty hard, to be honest. Right before Inktober, I finished working on my book (kids' book with my own story and illustrations) and that got me exhausted, so Inktober doesn’t seem like that much fun." But let's hope he finds his usual groove as Halloween creeps around the corner.

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Russian Artist Creates Dark And Macabre Illustrations That Seem To Come Out Of A Nightmare

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