Here they come—the scariest monsters you can imagine, even though it’s Halloween time and there are plenty of them around. But the ones that can stop you from learning and developing your skills are truly frightening.

But you don’t have to hold yourself back any longer. Learn to crush these common fears so you can gain the skills you need to move into a new position or a new field now. I invite you to challenge yourself and try to beat them all.

As you explore further education, see which obstacles keep coming up and use these strategies to address them. Are you concerned about your own aptitude? Is it a resource problem? Are you worried that you won’t succeed?

Once you know where your fears are coming from and create a plan to address them, you’ll see they aren’t so scary after all.

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The Impostor Monster ‘Imponster’ is out to get you!

You may have heard of impostor syndrome, where perfectly qualified people worry that they are not really qualified — and that someone is going to find out they are a fraud. How can you fight it?

Wild Gluttimey appeared!

Education can be time-consuming, and it may take financial resources away from other parts of your life. This monster drains your resources, but you gotta fight it because the potential rewards should make this investment of time and money worth it.

Oh no, you’ve encountered an Outspider!

Are you worried that you won’t fit in with a new group of people when you take steps to learn new skills and possibly move into a new line of work? This monster feeds on this fear! Prepare to use your superpowers to fight it!

Failympus blocks your way!

This monster puts an obstacle in from of you. Now you’re scared to take on a task you’re not sure you’ll excel at! Choose your weapons, because it’s not reasonable to think that you shouldn’t do anything you might not be immediately good at.

A very strong-looking Doubtmare is approaching you!

Most programs offer no guarantees on your investment. That can make it scary to pursue further education. But prepare for a fight since any education is likely to provide long-term benefits and it’s important to remember that!