I’m Rami Hoballah – a Lebanese graphic designer living and working in Kuwait, focusing on typography and branding. I love what I do, whatever that may be, and I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself.

As a challenge, I decided to create the alphabet from A-Z inspired by animals first letters. I made a letter every day for 26 days. The hardest thing while I was working on the alphabet was choosing which animal should I choose for every letter and which style should I use to finalize it perfectly. Everyday for 26 days I couldn’t sleep till I finish the daily animal letter. I hope you will enjoy what you see.

More info: canvas.pantone.comBehance

D For “Dog”

E For “Elephant”

F For “Flamingo”

G For “Gorilla”

H For “Horse”

I For “Iguana”

J For “Jellyfish”

K For “Koala”

L For “Lion”

M For “Monkey”

N For “Numbat”

O For “Owl”

P For “Pinguin”

Q For “Queen Snake”

S For “Seahorse”

T For “Tiger”

U For “Unau”

V For “Vampire Bat”

W For “Walrus”

X For “Xiphias”

Y For “Yak”