From anime to the people around me to my own dreams I try to draw inspiration from anywhere I can. This post includes some originals as well as some of my favorite anime recreations.

Many of the darker images I paint are from dreams which I know is cliche, but I had night terrors for years and painting things helped them makes sense to me. I’ve had Major Depression since I was 15 and was Anorexic from about 11 to 19 so I had a lot of stuff to make sense of. I’ve been (mostly) recovered since but painting is still how I handle just about everything.

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The Watcher

Falling apart

I am Ana



A black heart can’t be broken

Conspiring with my demons


Hello there

Color in a world of gray

The Dwarf in the Flask

Sheik is life

The saddest people you’ll ever meet will also be the strongest

Reality is for people that lack imagination