While flying on Swiss International Airline flight LX160 from Zurich to Tokyo, above the remote parts of Russia, south to Kara Sea, I was in luck to witness an hour show of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights), Speaking to the crew on board none ever experience it in such strength and certainly not for that extended period of time

It was pure bliss and great opportunity to try out my new Camera the Canon EOS 5d Mark IV with Canon 16-35mm f2.8 from a moving vehicle going approx 1000kph I had to use ISO 12800 to ISO 25600 the results for you to enjoy.

I wish I know someone that took the same photo from the ground that night, it would have been beautiful to see their results! so if you know anyone that was taking photos of the aurora in russia on the 25th of Oct 2016 – send them my way! – thank you :)

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