After 5 years, I finally made it home and saw my dad. During this time, he brought me to all his playing ground spots when he was a kid. And it was amazing to swim, fish, and hike with him.

He lives in an island called Arguni, and it is located the regency of Fakfak.

On the first day, my dad brought us for a picnic before we went home

This is the other side of the beach where my grandparents planted the coconut trees

It is very common to see small rock islands around his place

The view from hiking trail

This is the view of entire village and the majority of the people are Muslims

Many living things live here, including goat

There are so many caves around, and this is one of them

Clear sands and water with plenty of coconuts

If you spot the tiny boat, that’s my dad’s

An Eagle on the top of Mangrove tree

You know Batman? This is his clan!

Batman’s clan live on that small island, I forget the name so let’s call it Batman Island

This was my favorite beach because I saw no plastics

Batman Island on sunset

It’s time for all those bats flew out

It was an amazing experience to see them flying above our heads

This was the cave where my dad’s family hid from Japan soldiers in WWII

Stalagmite inside the cave

Another view of stalactite

This stalagmite is more than 5 meters tall

Blurry, but you get how pretty inside it, right?