I’m a physicist, probably I’m not good with pens and pencils but I’m good with equations. Inspired by the draws that Jimmy Mätlik showed us here a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to use my equations to make draws and express myself with the tools I use every day in my work.

I made these animations using Langevin Equations, exactly the same that are used for simulating gases and fluids for Thermodynamics. I have spend every free hour of my last week to do these videos. I hope you like it!

More info: entropicparticles.com

I experimented with colors here. It has some similarity with Pollock somehow

This is my favourite

This is the first one I made, and I loved the results

This is someone very important in my life who push me for doing these artistic stuff, what I highly appreciate

It is really fun. Actually, I use to spend more time choosing the colors than anything else

This is the only one of myself. I’m a bit shy