I have always loved this idea of taking something discarded and giving it a new life so it is no wonder that the majority of my art is created from things found in the trash or washed up on a beach. I am a mosaic artist who currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA. As an avid beach comber, I have found a lot of what I use washed up on shore at my local beach but I have also found many things in neighborhood trash bins or remodeling project dumpsters. From old windows, random pieces of board, old skateboards and found frames, my substrates can be found everywhere and I always see their future potential where some only see trash. Sometimes a piece of wood will have old rusty nails in it. I purposely leave them as is and incorporate into the piece I create. It is my small way of reducing the amount of trash we create, a way to up-cycle and a challenge to myself and others to look beyond what we perceive to be..just trash.

More info: annemarieprice.com