A couple of years ago I saw the movie Minority Report and got inspired by one scene where the cereal box comes to life with animated characters and sounds.
I thought it would be amazing to do something similar with my paintings. Well it’s not 2054… but something could definitely be done with today’s technology.

After much experimentation together with my husband, who is an software developer, we devised a way to incorporate augmented reality into my paintings and sculptures.

When you see the painting through a tablet or smart phone you get the true meaning of the story I’m trying to tell.

To make one of my pieces first I think of a story and then paint it using oil on canvas. Afterwards I draw and animate the moving pieces on the computer for the augmented reality part. The last step is to incorporate the animation and sound into my mobile app. The finished work can be appreciated by pointing your device at the painting and the augmented reality is played.

I just love it when people see the final piece for the first time, specially children, they always smile and are amazed with the whole experience.
I have a lot of fun doing this, it usually takes me about 30 to 45 days to complete a piece.

More info: yunuene.com

Day of the Dead

Mexican people have a unique view of death.

This festive piece represents the bright ideas and living dreams that remain long after death.

Rubber Park

An old construction site, a rusty refinery with broken windows and a disused water tank. This industrial zone was abandoned when the city upgraded to a first class business center.

The effects of the toxic residues spilled in the lake years back still remain. No life is to be seen anywhere around, except for some rubber ducks that are the only thing able to survive in the toxic water.

This ironic piece makes us realize the true nature of our synthetic world.

The Funeral 2

Peter´s friend just died. He is at the funeral playing the Sax.

Despite his sadness, he honors him by playing his favorite song as a farewell to a dear friend.

Always the Bridesmaid

The people in this scene seem to have their minds on thousand different things. Each of them has their own life and problems.

Look at the woman in the left, the one wiping a tear with her hand. She is not crying of joy, she is crying because she has lost her best friend, the bride. She knows things are going to change from now on.

She has attended endless weddings hoping one day to attend hers… but fate has other plans for her and destiny keeps on smashing her dreams.