Hello fellow pandas!

It’s been some time since I last introduced my drawings to you.

I am still overwhelmed with all the supoort I received here and it got me to keep on drawing even when times felt dark and hopeless.

Books still get left in boxes on the sidewalk and while I can’t save every lost book, I still try to give most of them a new home and maybe a new story to tell .

Using black and white markers, as well as red most of the time, I try to create pictures that tell a story and show people how books are simply more than just printed pages containing stories.

Books are a wonderful medium in every sense and I try to honour their typography and how this beauty by itself merges with my art, creating something entirely new. :)

I also started using watercolours on some pages, trying a new look and I personally like how the colours softly frame the strong black ink of the book.

What’s more, I started to do timelapses as well.

So if you’re interested in how I work, have a look at my instagram, you can find them as a part of some of my newer post.

So what do you think? :)

More info: Instagram