Far, far away, in the middle of big Swedish forest, a lot of cars rot. Actually more than 1000.

Hundreds of vintage cars from 50s, and 60s, are hidden between the trees. You can find here vintage Fords, VW Beetle, Volvos, Saabs, Opels and Buicks, Audis overgrown with moss.

There’s a few buildings around the area, you can find notes on the front door. A warning sign at the site reads:

“This car cemetery is private property. You may still look, take pictures but DO NOT take away parts. Do not destroy or in any other way disrupt this place. If you open a car door, please shut it again so the next visitor get the same experience as you did!! For info: after about 30 burglaries this year I’m fed up with it! I’ve made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I don’t care! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream”

Complete gallery you can find here: https://deadinside.eu/en/car-graveyard/

More info: Instagram