When I was fighting depression, I created a special notebook where I would write positive messages to myself. I received so much support and lessons from the people around me. I signed up for a positive thinking course, started meditating, read books and blogs that helped me stay positive.

I have realised that my experience of life depends on what I focus on and that I am the only person responsible for my own happiness. Now I share everything that I have learnt on the way to finding my personal happiness in a free weekly newsletter.

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Week 1: Focus on the right things

When I had a difficult period in my life I said to my dad: “Dad I need a lot of positivity now. Send me positive messages”. He said ok. From then on he would send me not one, not two but five positive messages on Skype every day for months. My mum later told me he would sometimes spend hours searching the internet for the best quotes and inspirations. Receiving these messages was a spark of light in my day. I would write my favourite ones in my notebook and read them out whenever I needed to be lifted up. The one that really stuck with me was: “Teach people happiness that they can’t see”. The secret to happiness is that it is always there. It’s just that sometimes we are so focused on other things, that we can’t see it. Sometimes we need reminders, like I did…that there is so much around us to be happy about. This is your reminder to focus on the positive things today. Think of something that makes you happy and remind yourself about it through the day. Let’s bring the sunshine on!

Week 2: Pay yourself a complement every now and then. You deserve it

Did anyone tell you that you’re awesome today? NO? Let me be the first then! You’re awesome!

Week 3: Treat yourself right

There is only one person that is always present in your life… it is YOU! Start this week by making sure you treat yourself right, like you would treat your best friend. Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of seeing that you’re awesome just as you are. Give yourself a big hug. You deserve it.

Week 4: Be the person you would like to meet

Attitude is contagious… so make someone smile today! Put your best attitude on and charm the world with your style!

Week 5: Put the energy you spend on worrying into something good…like dancing!

“Don’t worry. Life will be OK.” said to me by my boyfriend once and he was right. Life is ok. How much energy do you spend on worrying about things that never happen? A lot? Me too. Stop worrying and start enjoying! My recipe for not worrying is…dancing. Whenever the dark clouds come just put your favourite tune on and dance away.

Week 6: Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes

If there was one thing you would like to see more of in the world what would it be? To me it would be compassion. I have a simple way of practising compassion: I put myself in somebody else’s shoes. I think of how would it be to be this person and what challenges they might be facing in life. It always works. Compassion is awesome. We should just hug everybody.

Week 7: Let your bad experiences shape you into a better, stronger human being.

The only sense I can see in going through difficult experiences is that we can take them and turn them into something better, something beautiful, something positive. Life doesn’t always go the way we planned and we don’t have control over everything that happens to us. BUT we do have control over how we react to these things and this is our hidden superpower. Whatever it is you are fighting… you’ve got this!

Week 8: Appreciate small things

It’s the small things that make the difference: the smell of flowers, a conversation with someone you care about, having a nice meal. What was your small happy moment today?

Week 9: Believe in yourself

Believe in magic… and the magic will happen. It is incredible how much we can achieve when we start believing in ourselves, in our dreams. So make a wish, and make it happen!

Week 10: Rest. It is as important as work

There is time for work and time to rest. One is as important as the other. Don’t forget to find some me time this week!