This is the gorge of Portitsa at Grevena, Greece, with the old stone bridge built at its entrance. Grevena, a city in North-Western Greece, is not one of the famous Greek destinations because it has no direct access to the sea, but it is considered to be Greece’s “Highlands” because of its gorgeous nature and the unique landscapes.

Portitsa is a unique location worldwide ’cause you will not find a gorge with an old stone bridge anywhere else in the world! The bridge was built around 1743 and it is actually significantly higher that you see on the photos. Materials brought by the river over the years have buried more than 8ft (2.5m) of the bridge.

The spot is accessible by feet from the close village of Spilaio or by car (keep in mind though that the last 5km is a dirt road).

The best season to visit this unique scenery is Summer and early Autumn because you can take a walk in the river and get inside the gorge as well, which is really magnificent. Since Grevena is not one of the famous destinations of the country, prices are really sensible all over the area, locals are very friendly and there are plenty of more gorgeous locations to visit around Portitsa. Tip: if you like mushrooms, you MUST try the local mushroom cuisine… Grevena’s mushrooms are among the best ones in the world!

Google maps coordinates for Portitsa: 39.9961914,21.28532388888889

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